Agnaga Falls

Malay, Aklan

Agnaga Falls are located in Malay, Aklan. A scenic view awaits visitors as they swim in its clear waters. It is a perfect hideaway specially during summer as its cool water beats the heat.

Agnaga Falls News

  • Visit the off beaten track destination of Aklan

    Visit the off beaten track destination of Aklan

    Aklan province's claim to fame is Boracay, an island located about a kilometer from the province's northwestern tip. But there is more to this modest coastal province.

    Buruanga is an off-the-beaten-track destination full of natural attractions. Plunge into the turquoise waters of Ariel's Point(formerly called Batason Point). The cliff diving is amazing. Buruanga Point is a haven for snorkeling and diving. Nearby Wasak-Wasak Beach in the village of Alegria has crystal-clear emerald waters. You'll also find Tuburan Beach and private Hinugtan Beach, fringed by coconut trees and wilderness.


  • 6 Reasons Why Malay is More Than Just Boracay

    6 Reasons Why Malay is More Than Just Boracay

    The town of Maláy might be a victim of its own tremendous success. The white sands and vibrant nightlife of its little island that goes by the name of Boracay have outshone the municipality's other brilliances, which more than deserve their own share of visitors.

    These mainland attractions can complement the island's well-established paradisical appeal, thus arming Malay with a complete package for the travelers.

    1) Aklan 101: Caticlan isn't a town

    Many people think Boracay Island is part of Caticlan, and you can't blame them, as "Caticlan" is the one plastered on maps and airline bo ...

  • Agnaga falls at Malay Aklan

    AGNAGA Falls is one of the seven wonders of Malay, Aklan, with Boracay Island topping the list.

  • Boracay Firewoks and Agnana Falls

    Boracay fireworks was pretty awesome and ended the year with a bang and have Mini adventure to Agnaga Falls.

  • The Philippines Oldest Province

    The Philippines Oldest Province

    Aklan is said to be the oldest province in the Philippines, organized in 1213 by settlers from Borneo as the Minuro it Aklan to include what is now the province of Capiz. It was inaugurated as an independent province in November 8, 1956.

    Aklan encompasses the northeastern portion of Panay Island and nearby Boracay Island, both situated within the Visayas island group. The province is bordered by the Sulu Sea on the northwest, the Sibuyan on the northeast and the east by the province of Antique on the west, and by the province of Capiz on the south.

    The Aklan provincial government recomme ...

  • Aklan Well liked Tourist Attractions

    Aklan Well liked Tourist Attractions

    Aklan is a province in the Western Visayas Region. Its capital is Kalibo. It is in the northwestern portion of Panay Island, bordered by Antique Province to the southwest, and Capiz Province to the east. Aklan faces the Sibuyan Sea and Romblon Province to the north.

    Aklan is considered as the oldest province in the country and is believed to have been established in the 12th century by settlers from Borneo ruled by the chieftain Datu Dinagandan who traded with its neighboring islands.

    Aklan is famous for Boracay, a resort island one kilometer north off the tip of Panay. It is known for i ...