Gibong River

Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur

The placid Gibong River opens into Binaba Waterfalls which flows from natural springs.

A bewitching stretch of water with breathtaking panorama of untouched vegetation along its banks, the Gibong River is the only route to Binaba Falls.

It is also the source of irrigation for some 6,000 hectares of rice fields in three municipalites in Agusan Del Sur. Located in Pobl ...

acion, Prosperidad, Agusan Del Sur.

Gibong River News

  • gibong river it is opening to binaba falls

    gibong river it is opening to binaba falls

    Gibong River ??" It is an opening to the Binaba Falls that also provide as the water irrigation to several rice fields. River banks are rich of untouched vegetation as you make the journey the flowing river.

    Bega Falls ??" According to the legend, this falls is known as the refuge for stunning mystical women. It also covers with abundant and bright forest breeze. It also considered as the hidden treasure. Because of its calm surroundings and pristine waters, you will completely feel its essence and beauty to uplift your tired spirit. Bega Falls was a haven of nature and mountain trekkers be ...

  • Hydro biomass among the most viable power sources

    Hydro power and biomass are among the most viable sources of energy that can be tapped to significantly augment energy supply in Mindanao.

    This was bared in the Climate Change and Clean Energy (CEnergy) Project, an initiative spearheaded by Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA), Department of Energy (DOE) and funded by the US Agency for International Development (Usaid).

    "Being the food basket and having a large agricultural land, we have a substantial amount of agriculture waste that can serve as stocks for biomass energy sources. On the other hand, we still have a number of areas in M ...

  • Agusan del sur province

    Agusan del sur province

    Being a landlocked province in Mindanao's Caraga region,Agusan Del Sur is an oblong basin formation.It has mountain ranges along its western and eastern sides that form a valley.With its total land area of about 8,790 square kilometers,this province is the fourth biggest in the country,following palawan,Isabela,and Cagayan valley.

    Agriculture is the main industry as Agusan del sur is blessed by nature with a fertile and procductive soil.Varied crops are grown with rice and corn as among the most cultivated.Other crops and agriculture plants that are abundant in the province are banana,oil ...

  • Explore the Charms of Agusan del Sur

    Agusan del Sur one of the larges province of caraga region..

  • System of Waterfalls at Agusan Del Sur

    System of Waterfalls at Agusan Del Sur

    A travel to Mindanao will never be complete if you don't have the chance to visit the wealthy island of Agusan Del Sur. The province is abound with natural resources. Its system of waterfalls best describes how gifted the province is. To get you started, here are the loveliest waterfalls in Agusan Del Sur.

    • One hidden treasure of the province located in Barangay Mabuhay, Prosperidad, is the Bega Falls. It is a haven for mountain trekkers, adventure lovers, environmentalists, and biodiversity researchers. The three-tiered main falls, twin falls, and turquoise-green pristine waters will su ...

  • Agusan del Sur Haven of Natural Wonders

    Agusan del Sur Haven of Natural Wonders

    Agusan del Sur, also called as the "Land of Golden Opportunities," is one of the largest provinces in the Philippines.

    It is rich in natural resources, showcasing vast agricultural land, scenic forests, stunning waterfalls, and panoramic views of mountains and pristine marshland.

    Tourism in the Philippines is a major economic contributor to the Philippine economy.

    The province is also home to ethnic tribes with a variety of cultures and traditions. The region is dominated by five groups who are said to be the first settlers in the province: the Mamanwa, Bagobo, Aeta, Manobo and Higa ...