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  • Turtle Humanity

    A MindaNews article last November 20, "Wounded 'pawikan' begged for help ??"fisherman", by H. Marcos C. Mordeno, showed turtle's humanity with man. Another story 37 years ago showed turtle's humanity to man.

    In Mordeno's story, fisherman Lowid Elgo in Barangay 10, Buenavista, Agusan del Norte was rowing his boat to shore in early morning of November 19 when a pawikan, the Bisaya word for sea turtle, swam alongside his boat and tapped the boat's side with its flap when repeatedly shooed away. Elgo sensed it was asking for help.

    Elgo loaded the turtle in his boat. On shore, an elderly man ...

  • Wounded Pawikan Begged for Help

    Wounded Pawikan Begged for Help

    Believe it not, but for Lowid Elgo, a fisherman in Barangay 10 in this town, the wounded pawikan or sea turtle that he rescued early this morning on his way back from a nightlong fishing trip seemed to ask for his help.

    The turtle, which is likely an Olive Ridley or Pacific ridley based on pictures posted on the net, had two shallow wounds on its underside.

    Elgo said he was rowing near the shore when he saw the turtle swimming beside his boat.

    He said he stopped and tried to drive away the animal back to the deep but it went closer to his boat and tapped the vessel's side with one of ...

  • Wildlife Conservation Pawikan

    Last February 16, 2014 a report came to this office from BLGU of Gosoon that a pawikan was sighted floating and very tired along the off shore of Gosoon, Carmen, Agusan del Norte, hence, it was save by the fisherman who incidentally fishing during that time. The following day PAWCZMS For. Sidney G. Kalinawan together with FR Romeo Maglungsod of Camagong Check point went to the area to verify the said report.


    The saved turtle reported as hawksbill turtle by two (2) fishermen namely Rando Zamora and Edwin ArnibalDINGS/OBSERVATION:

    Information, findings and observat ...