Mount Mayapay

Butuan City, Agusan del Norte

Mount Mayapay is located in Butuan, Agusan del Norte. The favorite sites for climbing enthusiasts. These are perfect camping sites for urbanites needing a breather from the congested urban setting.

Mount Mayapay News

  • Tribes Sight Tarsiers On Mt Mayapay

    Tribal farmers planting trees in environmentally threatened Mt. Mayapay have discovered tarsiers in this city's last ecosystem frontier.

    Classified as primates or mammals, the Philippine tarsier with scientific name Tarsius syrichta is considered endangered.

    Like humans, the female tarsier delivers her baby once in a year after a gestation period of six months. This is seen as the reason, aside from highly threatened habitats, the tarsier population is declining.

    Mt. Mayapay tribal farmers have found male and female tarsiers, and last May was the fourth time they came across the prima ...

  • At Foot Mt Mayapay And Butuan Skyline

    At Foot Mt Mayapay And Butuan Skyline

    Mt. Mayapay a historic piece in Butuan, aside from its tourism piece!

    Mt. Mayapay already mentioned in historic books of Butuan as its named originated from Madjapahit Empire. Now already the favorite destinations of trekkers and adventurers as rising nearly 700 meters above the sea level. Well, Mt. Mayapay provides a clear view of Butuan skyline and Butuan Bay, the fresh air from the mountains and from the ocean. Mother Nature surrounds everyone when you reach the peak of Mt. Mayapay.

    Location: Butuan City, capital of Caraga Region

    How to get there: From Butuan City proper by tricycl ...

  • Solon calls for a clear cut policy on Mount Mayapay

    Agusan del Norte First District Representative Lawrence "Law" Fortun has called for a clear cut policy on how to rehabilitate the revered Mt. Mayapay amidst its present state and continuous threat of man-made abuse and destruction.

    Fortun made the statement during the culmination of the Forest in the City Hall Exhibits and Café as part of the launching of Butuan City's Vision 2020 where he delivered a message in gracing the affair last week. The solon emphasized that Mt. Mayapay has been a landmark that it cannot be dissociated with Butuan City. "While Mt. Mayon is to Albay, Mt. Apo to Dav ...

  • Mount Mayapay conservation gets support

    Mount Mayapay conservation gets support

    Various sectors in this region's premier and capital city are fully supporting a measure to protect and conserve Mount Mayapay, Butuan City's natural heritage.

    Official and members of Father Saturnino Urios University High School Alumni Association (FSUU-HSAA) pledged to support the environmental advocacy to save and protect Mount Mayapay.

    FSUU-HSAA President Minnie Mary Rose Tiu Dumanhug said the alumni strongly support the ecological conservation of Butuan's Mount Mayapay. "We commit ourselves to support the environmental measure," added Dumanhug.

    The Provincial Agrarian Reform Coor ...

  • Mountain conservation

    Mountain conservation

    The conservation, protection, and rehabilitation of the city's majestic Mount Mayapay has been stepped up as local officials urged government workers, particularly local leaders, to join forces to achieve the city government's objectives.

    Mount Mayapay is a prominent natural landmark in Butuan City whose beauty has been drawing more and more tourists. Its plateau formation is the predominant feature that serves as backdrop of the city.

    It is the highest peak of Butuan City-Buenavista (Agusan del Norte) mountain ranges with an elevation close to 1,000 meters above sea level. It is one of ...

  • Hiking up Mt Mayapay in Butuan City Agusan del Norte

    Hiking up Mt Mayapay in Butuan City Agusan del Norte

    I've always wanted to see Butuan Bay, Agusan River, and the city of Butuan from a distance, if only to imagine what it was like to be in the Kingdom of Butuan a millennium ago, when the maritime civilization reached its apex; and our archipelago was far more sophisticated than our colonial heritage has inscribed in us. These musings of an anthropologist aside, the obvious choice - one I would have chosen anyway as a mountaineer - was Mt. Mayapay, which rises to 675 MASL at the southwest of the city.

    I was joined by medical student Terence Kua who was traveling around Mindanao. After lunch o ...