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  • Exploring The Laid Back Town Of Carmen In Agusan Del Norte

    Exploring The Laid Back Town Of Carmen In Agusan Del Norte

    A fourth class municipality, Carmen is a tourist destination that needs to be discovered. This laid-back town might not be as famous as Boracay or Palawan but every tourist who gets to experience the place does not leave without falling in love with Carmen, the first town of Agusan del Norte and located at the Western Agusan Corridor. People of the community are warm and when it comes to savory sea foods, this town will never disappoint.

    Bolihon Beach

    This beautiful attraction in Carmen is a remote yet astounding part of the municipality of Carmen. Although reaching this destination is ...

  • DENR Expands Safe Haven For Endangered Marine Turtles

    The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has designated a 612-hectare area in the town of Magsaysay, Misamis Oriental as a critical habitat for hawksbill sea turtles, bringing to more than 6,300 hectares the total area being protected in Northeastern Mindanao to ensure the survival of the critically endangered marine species.

    The designation of Magsaysay Critical Habitat for Hawksbill Turtles (MCHHT) is embodied in DENR Administrative Order (DAO) No. 2016-02, establishing the coastal barangays of Kadiis, San Isidro and Damayohan as wildlife critical habitats where a total ...

  • Caraga Region Episode 1 Agusan Del Norte Vinapor

    Agusan Del Norte is a Province on the Northern Coast of Mindanao...

    Many people will simply drive through this beautiful Province without venturing off the highway. Well if you take a little bit of time and head off the main road...


    There is so much to explore, and so much to experience minutes off the highway! This is my time spent in Vinapor, Agusan Del Norte!

    Super Apir!

  • Agusan Norte Town Protects Mangrove

    The local government unit (LGU) of Carmen and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources inked a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) in helping one another in protecting the mangrove plantation and beach forest within the Punta Diwata Coral Reefs and marine wildlife area in this town.

    Region 13 DENR Regional Executive Director (RED) Nonito M. Tamayo and Carmen town mayor Ramon Calo were the major signatories of the MOA for the development, propagation and plantation of mangrove seedlings within the town's seashore and protection of beach forest along the shorelines of Carmen.

    The LGU ...

  • Destinations In Carmen

    Destinations In Carmen

    Carmen is one of the municipalities of Agusan del Norte whose beauty can be compared to the beautiful beaches and other tourist attractions in the world. Explore Carmen's pristine beaches, rich marine sanctuaries, and scenic landscapes!

    Vinapor Sea Turtle Landing Site

    Barangay Vinapor got its legendary name from a solid rock that looks like the rear portion of a ship Bapor. It is the largest plateau in the province and the last barangay of Agusan del Norte before reaching Misamis Oriental in the coastal side.

    The coastline is vegetated with coconut and banana. Generally, it has sandy ...

  • Turtle Humanity

    A MindaNews article last November 20, "Wounded 'pawikan' begged for help ??"fisherman", by H. Marcos C. Mordeno, showed turtle's humanity with man. Another story 37 years ago showed turtle's humanity to man.

    In Mordeno's story, fisherman Lowid Elgo in Barangay 10, Buenavista, Agusan del Norte was rowing his boat to shore in early morning of November 19 when a pawikan, the Bisaya word for sea turtle, swam alongside his boat and tapped the boat's side with its flap when repeatedly shooed away. Elgo sensed it was asking for help.

    Elgo loaded the turtle in his boat. On shore, an elderly man ...