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  • Tribes Sight Tarsiers On Mt Mayapay

    Tribal farmers planting trees in environmentally threatened Mt. Mayapay have discovered tarsiers in this city's last ecosystem frontier.

    Classified as primates or mammals, the Philippine tarsier with scientific name Tarsius syrichta is considered endangered.

    Like humans, the female tarsier delivers her baby once in a year after a gestation period of six months. This is seen as the reason, aside from highly threatened habitats, the tarsier population is declining.

    Mt. Mayapay tribal farmers have found male and female tarsiers, and last May was the fourth time they came across the prima ...

  • DENR Developed And Planted 1,303 Hectares With Trees At Taguibo Watershed

    DENR Developed And Planted 1,303 Hectares With Trees At Taguibo Watershed

    The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Caraga Region has developed and planted at least 1,303 hectares with trees at the Taguibo Watershed over the past 10 years since 2004 which is a clear manifestation that the agency is consistently doing its part in reforestation program in the area.

    DENR 13 Regional Director Nonito M. Tamayo showed this report at the recent First Butuan Water Rights Summit held in Butuan City to correct false impression that the agency has done nothing in the development of the 4,367 hectares Taguibo Watershed area, the source of water supply of the ...

  • Balangay Shrine Houses The Oldest Watercraft

    Balangay Shrine Houses The Oldest Watercraft

    The Filipino word Baranggay came from the word: Balangay or Balanghai which is watercraft used by the ancient people in the Philippines for transportation and for barter and trade. If I am not mistaken, it was discussed when I was in the fifth grade, in HEKASI. I am happy that today, it's time to see the actual relics of Balangay, discovered in Butuan. Since the guard did not allow me to use my DSLR or digital camera, photos below were captured using my mobile camera:

    The coffin burials that led to the discovery of the boat lie 16 meters east of the boat. Similar to the inhumation in Suatan ...

  • Masao Beach in Agusan del Norte

    Masao Beach in Agusan del Norte

    El Rio de Butuan, now called Masao is the only beach in Butuan City known by its history as Magellan's Landing Site.

    Every year on March 31, Butuan City celebrates MAZAUA DISCOVERY DAY to commemorate a historic milestone.

    In 1995 a bill was filed by then Congresswoman Charito B. Plaza of Agusan del Norte claiming the Easter mass on March 31, 1521 was held at Butuan not Limasawa. The bill's contention was that the wooden boat called "balanghai" dug up at Butuan proved it was Mazaua.

    The National Historical Institute officials "adopted" the finding of the Gancayco Panel which dismissed ...

  • Celebrating With The Waves Of The Mighty Agusan River

    Celebrating With The Waves Of The Mighty Agusan River

    Every year, Butuan City is reminded of the importance of the Agusan River and its historical influence and how it has sculpted its vast landscape stretching from the province of Agusan del Sur toward Agusan del Norte into the mouth of Butuan Bay, in a religious event called the "Abayan Festival."

    Since the late 1880s, the Abayan is an annual festive ritual of prayer culminating in a fluvial procession along the Agusan River in honor to the rivers patron Santa Ana, which is usually held in the month of July.

    The event carries a huge historic significance since the activity was primarily m ...

  • Butuan Pride Palagsing

    Tilawan nato ang Palagsing! Mao kini ang ikapasigarbo nga delicacy sa Butuan City sa Agusan Del Norte. Usa kini ka suman o budbod nga gihimo sa "Unaw" o "Starch" gikan sa Sago Palm Tree nga gisagulan og lubi ug pula nga asukar. Sikat kini nga hinimo sa Banza, usa ka karaang poblasyon sa Butuan City. Ang Banza giila nga abunda sa Lumbiya (Metroxylon sagu Rottb.) kun diin nahimutang ang unaw aron sa pag-ani niini sa Palm Tree.

    Ang palagsing maoy kanunay idalit sa mga Butuanon atol sa City's Foundation o selebrasyon sa maong lugar. Ipahigayon sab matag tuig ang Palagsing Festival aron pagpasig ...