Bequibel Shell Museum

Butuan City, Agusan del Norte

Bequibel Shell Midden - this site is where the ancient community, around 7,000 years ago gather their trash. Here you can see piles of fresh water shells which is said to be the main food source of the primitive people. You can also find stone tools and skeletal fragments in the site. This is owned by the Bequibel Family. Entrance is free.

Bequibel Shell Museum News

  • 12 Places to explore in Butuan City

    12 Places to explore in Butuan City

    When I was in Butuan, People always said that "In the beginning there was no Philippines but there was BUTUAN". And that's what I am about to find out.

    BUTUAN or what they sometimes call BXU is a city full of history and culture. I explore places not just for it's beauty but I am also very interested about the history of a place. Butuan was once mentioned in the history book that I used for my students and from that moment, I decided that I must visit Butuan and explore it myself.

    Coming from Bislig and Hinatuan, I decided to stay for at least 2 nights at Prince Hotel in Butuan City. T ...

  • Home of the Balangays

    Home of the Balangays

    This is not an empty boast but a definitive declaration that resonates deeply into the annals of Philippine history. As early as the 4th Century, formal settlements along the banks of Agusan River and the valleys that surrounded it were already thriving. The strategic location of Butuan shielded it from marauding pirates, tropical storms, and raging floods.

    Naturally gifted and knowledgeable and highly advanced in their time, the Butuanons were skilled boat builders and expert seafarers. Relics of nine balangays, their signature boats, were discovered around the city. Buried 1.20 meters fr ...

  • A Heritage Tour of Butuan

    A Heritage Tour of Butuan

    Butuan has gotten a raw deal from our group. We've used it as a home base of sorts, having gone to this city 3 times in the past 5 days of our northeastern Mindanao swing, yet we've never really treated it as more than a jump-off point going to other destinations. On the penultimate day of our tour, we decided to at least give Butuan the attention and appreciation it deserves.

    Butuan is located at the very center of the province of Agusan del Norte and used to be the provincial capital. Since its classification as a "Highly Urbanized City" in 1995, it has become independent of the provin ...

  • Rediscovering the Historic Butuan City

    Rediscovering the Historic Butuan City

    Note: I didn't look for a place to sleep last night as I arrived in the city past 9:00pm. What I did was to look for an internet shop and try to stay there until closing time (1:00am). Then I ordered something from Dunkin Donuts (they are open 24hours) and stayed there until 4:00am. Then I went inside the Catholic Church and try to sleep inside until about 6:30am.

    After breakfast and checking e-mails I started my DIY Butuan City Tour.

    I headed to the Provincial Tourism office and met Ms. Leah Medado of Creative Niche who was helpful enough to guide me with my itinerary. She specializes i ...