Balanghai Shrine

Butuan City, Agusan del Norte

The Balanghai Shrine is about 5 kilometers from Butuan City proper. The shrine was established to ensure the proper protection and preservation of the balanghai boats also known as Butuan Boats, declared National Cultural Treasure on March 9, 1987 by then President Corazon C. Aquino. Felix A. Luna, a resident in the area, made the establishment of the shrine possible with his donation of land in 1 ...


Balanghai Shrine or Balangay Museum News

  • Balangay Shrine Houses The Oldest Watercraft

    Balangay Shrine Houses The Oldest Watercraft

    The Filipino word Baranggay came from the word: Balangay or Balanghai which is watercraft used by the ancient people in the Philippines for transportation and for barter and trade. If I am not mistaken, it was discussed when I was in the fifth grade, in HEKASI. I am happy that today, it's time to see the actual relics of Balangay, discovered in Butuan. Since the guard did not allow me to use my DSLR or digital camera, photos below were captured using my mobile camera:

    The coffin burials that led to the discovery of the boat lie 16 meters east of the boat. Similar to the inhumation in Suatan ...

  • Reasons Why You Should Visit Mindanao

    Reasons Why You Should Visit Mindanao

    Our original plan is to hike Mt. Dulang-dulang and Mt. Kitanglad, but because of the question: "gusto nyo ba?" it was changed to backpacking in Northern Mindanao. It happened for a very very short time. So from Malaybalay, Bukidnon, we rode on a bus with Cagayan signboard and alighted at Agora Terminal. At the terminal, we rode in a bus with Butuan signboard and alighted at Butuan Terminal. Then, another bus ride to Mangahoy, Bislig, Surigao del Sur. Here are some of the Mindanao's finest, from days 1 to 5.

    Tinuy-an Falls is one of tourist spots, attractions, and destinations that Surigao d ...

  • Caraga Region Episode 3 In Butuan City

    "Before the Philippines there was Butuan!"

    That is a common saying in this city full of history! From learning about the Balangay, to "topboating" down the river, to eating Palagsing...

    I could go on and on...

    But this city on the North Coast of Mindanao is truly a great place to explore!

    This is my adventure!

    Super Apir!


  • 12 Places to explore in Butuan City

    12 Places to explore in Butuan City

    When I was in Butuan, People always said that "In the beginning there was no Philippines but there was BUTUAN". And that's what I am about to find out.

    BUTUAN or what they sometimes call BXU is a city full of history and culture. I explore places not just for it's beauty but I am also very interested about the history of a place. Butuan was once mentioned in the history book that I used for my students and from that moment, I decided that I must visit Butuan and explore it myself.

    Coming from Bislig and Hinatuan, I decided to stay for at least 2 nights at Prince Hotel in Butuan City. T ...

  • The Charming Significance of Balanghai Shrine

    The Charming Significance of Balanghai Shrine

    The Balanghai Shrine in Butuan City is said to be one of the most prestigious sites ever to be discovered by brilliant Filipino archaeologists of our time. These noble tourist spot contained wooden boats, which were allegedly used by the early Filipinos during the Pre-Spanish Era. Descriptively, these canoes were perfectly crafted by the finest European artisans. Also, these antiquated vessels were scientifically predated according to the ancient books of World and Philippine history.

    Along this line, the scientific process of carbon dating came up with detailed conclusions that these boats ...

  • Visiting Balanghay Shrine Museum in Butuan City

    Visiting Balanghay Shrine Museum in Butuan City

    I went back to Butuan City after exploring Bunawan Ecopark in Agusan del Sur . It was already past noon when I arrived at the city. I had a quick lunch and proceeded to my next destination -Balanghay Shrine Museum. Located at 5 kilometers away from the city, the Balanghay Shrine is where the remnants of the 320 A.D. Balanghay was found, the most well-known archaeological artifact/historical figure unearthed in Butuan.

    Managed by the National Museum, the shrine houses the ancient boats discovered and excavated from 1976 to 1986.

    The discovery of these boats prompted former President Cora ...