At Greedy Peg, our mission is to promote the natural and cultural beauty of the Philippines through positive reporting.


The Philippines has more endemic diversity than anywhere on earth. Our islands retain some of the most unspoiled ecosystems in the world.

Throughout the Philippines many local communities, organizations, and individuals chronicle their experiences and efforts. At Greedy Peg we monitor and compile their stories into a single archive for easy reference.

Traditional Indigenous territories encompass up to 22 percent of the world's land surface and hold up to 80 percent of the planet's biodiversity. The greatest diversity of indigenous groups coincides with the world's largest tropical forest wilderness areas.

Of the known species in the Philippines, nearly 46 percent are endemic, including more than 112 mammals, 182 birds, 108 amphibians, 6,000 plants and 15,000 insects. The orchid family alone has more than 900 endemic species. It is not unusual to find more than one hundred species of trees growing on a single mountain slope.

Conservation organizations in the Philippines need exposure and support to ensure their continued success. We monitor over a hundred organizations each day, collecting articles, videos, sharing social posts, and mapping their efforts.

Authors publish their experiences across a wide array of mediums providing insight into the beauty, heritage, and local efforts of the Philippines. We consolidate their stories into a single page, updated regularly.

Responsible tourism is a valuable resource that minimizes economic and environmental impacts while generating greater benefits for local people, and enhancing the well-being of host communities. Travel reports are a positive way to engage the public about our natural resources.

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